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Welcome to Francee's World. I'm starting this blog so that I can share my world with those who may be interested in the life of a Mom, Wife, Artist and Small Business Owner. I live my life by always being true to my passions, my beliefs, my family and to God, (After all He/She did create the world and that makes Him/Her kind of the ultimate creator).

First, I love color! The world is not black or white or even grey. It's full of color so my artwork reflects the beautiful, brilliant colors we are so blessed to see. Life is too short to live it in black and white.Colors add so much to our world. Everything from the beautiful red tones of the Grand Canyon to the twilight skies of a sunset. Color brings breathless beauty to our lives.

I know there many others like me who balance life at home, with kids, (I have two in the tweens), a husband, and a home based business. It's challenging, but I wouldn't trade my life for nothing. We also have 10 dogs, most are rescuers or ones that friends or family were no longer able to take care of for various reasons. Then there's one cat and a hermit crab. It's a zoo but we love animals so it's a fun zoo.

The journey ahead, will include DIY art and home decor projects,tips on how to balance home life and a home based business as well as making sure you take care of yourself while you're being superwoman.

I'm excited and ready to welcome you to my world!

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